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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pan Fried Cod

It was a big weekend in our household this past weekend. We got a puppy! This is Lambeau (yes, named for Lambeau Field!). He is 11 weeks old and we adopted him from Shenandoah Valley Dog Rescue.

 We are not quite sure what breed he is, but he looks like a mix between a golden retriever and some sort of shepherd. All he really does is sleep, but he is too cute.

In food news, I have decided that I am going to eat more seafood. I enjoy sushi but other than that I don't eat a lot of seafood and I don't always enjoy it. However, fish is full of omega-3s and other nutrients that you can't get from a lot of other sources. My fiancĂ© is not a big seafood lover (or eater) so I didn't want to just jump in and eat a tuna steak. I decided to start with a white, flaky fish that isn't super "fishy." We tried Tilapia one night and, since it went over well, the next week decided to try some Atlantic Cod.

FIt Girl Fare Pan Fried Cod

The cod was much different than the tilapia - delicious and still not super fishy. I've read that Atlantic Cod is a great fish to eat. There is a lot of it in the ocean so it is not usually farmed, it has lower levels of mercury, moderate levels of Omega-3s, and my fiance said it was a make-again meal!

Pan Fried Cod
Time: 10 minutes

4 cod filets
1/4 cup flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1/4 tsp garlic
1/2 tsp paprika
dash of cayenne pepper
4 lemon wedges

Heat 1 tablespoon olive oil in a non-stick pan over medium high heat. Mix the flour and spices together on a plate. Coat the cod filets with the flour mixture. Once the oil is hot, add the cod filets. Cook for 3-4 minutes on each side until the fish is flaky. Squeeze one lemon wedge over each filet and serve immediately.

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