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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Beginning

Hi There!

Welcome to Fit Girl Fare, a blog to share my experiences as I strive to maintain a balance of good food and fitness in my life.

I like to cook. I like to eat. I like to have the probably-more-than-occasional Netflix binge. I also like it when my clothes fit and I can look in the mirror without being disgusted. About 6 months ago I decide that I needed to lose 25 pounds so that on my wedding day (which is only about 7 weeks away now!!) I would feel good in my dress. Since then, my attitude towards weight, food, and fitness has changed. I have lost weight - 15 pounds or so depending on the day - but I have gained better knowledge about what my body needs and what I need to feel healthy

I am your average girl. I have obligations during the day and I am usually busy at night. I don't have time for extensive exercise programs, diets, or the latest fitness fad. Instead I try to keep everything balanced. I pay attention to what I eat and fit in exercise when I can. I haven't joined a gym because I would rather be at home and there is plenty of stuff that you can do with little or no exercise equipment.

For about a year now I have wanted to start a food blog. Mostly because I tend to make things up and then forget to write the recipe down so I can never make the meal again. Also, if I have a recipe from my mom or want some kind of comfort food, I generally try to make the healthiest possible version without sacrificing on taste. I intend to write mostly about food (let's be honest, that's the best part) but I will balance it with a few fitness tips here and there (maybe more when I pass the ACE exam).

I look forward to sharing my passion with my readers and creating a community that encourages a lot of good eats, some fitness, and plenty of balance!

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